This article proposes a new area of research centered on the study of how energy sensibilities—in terms of esthesia which is understood as responsiveness and awareness—are distributed and redistributed. Energy is approached as a polyphonic concept with many meanings, of which none enjoys privileged status. Given this polyphony, the common observation that end-users have no idea (or wrong ideas) about their energy consumption loses importance. Instead, unevenly distributed ways of sensing and making sense of energy become the object of study. Drawing on the work of French philosopher Jacques Rancière, the article discusses contemporary distributions of energy sensibilities in domestic…
Published in Journal papers
For første gang lærer arkitektstudenter å tegne hus som produserer energi. Artikkel i Teknisk Ukeblad, skrevet av Joachim Seehusen.
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Det viktigste som har hendt på lenge. Slik karakteriserer byggenæringen opprettelsen av deres eget forskningssenter. Artikkel i Teknisk Ukeblad skrevet av Mona Strande, publisert 9. februar 2009.
Published in Media contributions

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