This paper is based on a review of research that describes user experiences with different types of energy efficient buildings, focusing on indoor climate, technical operation, user attitudes, and general satisfaction. Energy efficient buildings are often rated better than conventional buildings on indoor climate, but when investigating more thoroughly, the users have different concerns. The varying results from the user evaluations reflect that the quality of the buildings differs. However, user concerns may also be a result of inappropriate use. Perceived personal control and sufficient information on operation and use is crucial for an overall positive experience of the building. Three areas for further research could be identified: There is a shortage of research that takes into account the social context for evaluation. The social environment, the process of moving into an energy efficient building, and prior knowledge on environmental issues, influences the evaluation of the building. Energy efficient buildings may also require specific architectural solutions, and further research should consider architectural and aesthetic aspects in the evaluation. Research on use and operation of energy efficient buildings is increasing, but there is still a need to give more detailed attention to different ways of providing information and training in operation and use.

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