Norwegian Defence Estates Agency

NDEA in collaboration with the ZEB Centre is currently constructing a "nearly-zero energy building" on the Haakonsvern naval base outside Bergen.

The project team has developed an energy efficient building envelope with optimized technical solutions. The building project examines a number of innovative solutions that have the potential to be applied in other projects. It satisfies the Norwegian passive house standard (NS 3701), is equipped with photovoltaic panels and the building is also connected to an existing seawater heat pump, which is used for both heating and cooling.

The project has placed particular emphasis on a compact and simple building high thermal insulation, as well as innovative ventilation and lighting solutions and the control of these. Estimated energy consumption is approximately 16 kWh /m2 per year (delivered energy).

An easy to read and informative web-based eight-step strategy to present office projects at zero energy level has been created to make the knowledge and experience available to the industry.




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