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       Fredrik Shetelig
       Chairman ZEB | Dean NTNU

       When ZEB started its work, we were building upon a strong history of research and experimentation in the ield of sustainable buildings, but we
       were actually a little uncertain if the ambitious goals we had formulated were achievable within the lifespan of the ZEB-program. As the Centre
       enters its last full year as an FME, we have demonstrated, using research-based innovation, that it is technically and economically feasible to
       build zero emission buildings. The size and number of the demonstration projects has exceeded our expectations, and this could never have
       happened without the ambition, spirit, and lexibility of our industry partners. Our society is at this very moment in the middle of a paradigm shift,
       formulated by the Norwegian government as “the Green Shift – climate- and environmentally friendly restructuring”. ZEB is a key contributor to
       the Green Shift in the building industry, and we will spend the FME-centre’s last year fulilling our research goals and continuing our contribution
       to society by persisting in disseminating a large number of research results. The next step is to raise the level of complexity and develop
       research-based zero emission solutions on a neighborhood- and urban scale.
       Stay tuned!

       Host institution          Centre Manager             The Board members         Leaders of the Work Packages
       Faculty of architecture and ine art  Ruth Woods, SINTEF    Carl Fredrik Lutken Shetelig, NTNU (Chair)  WP1 Bjørn Petter Jelle, NTNU/SINTEF
       NTNU - Trondheim       Arild Gustavsen, NTNU     
       Visiting address          Administration contact     Jonas Holme, SINTEF Byggforsk  WP2 Birgit Risholt, SINTEF
                                                            Rune Stene (From September onwards), Skanska
       ZEB                       Katrine Peck Sze Lim, NTNU                           WP3 Hans Martin Mathisen, NTNU
       Alfred Getz vei 3, Sentrabygg 1, 8  loor,  Phillipp Müller, SAPA Group  
       7034 Trondheim                                       Zdena Cervenka, Statsbygg  WP4 Thomas Berker, NTNU
                                                            Tine Hegli, Snøhetta      
                                                            Jens Petter Burud, Caverion  WP5 Inger Andresen, NTNU/SINTEF
       Centre Director                                      Oddvar Hyrve (Jan-Aug), Weber AS  
       Arild Gustavsen, NTNU                                Rune Eliassen (from Sept onwards), Weber AS
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