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       Arild Gustavsen, Ruth Woods, and Anne Grete Hestnes

       2015 was the ZEB Centre’s seventh year of   winning of international architecture awards).   Energy Agency Tasks and Annexes.
       operation. The centre has been and continues  In this way results from centre activities are
       to be a highly productive collaborative   establishing their place in Norwegian and   In 2015, we have had the pleasure
       program. Researchers and partner   international markets. Recent invitations to   of announcing the completion of ive
       representatives contribute to research,   contribute to zero emission building projects   demonstration projects.
       development, and knowledge dissemination   in USA and China point to the international
       in numerous ways. The scientiic results are   quality of what ZEB researchers and partners   • The residential building ZEB Living
       published in scientiic journals, conferences,   are doing, which is further promoted by our   Laboratory was completed in September
       and PhD theses. Results are also made   contributions to courses in the USA.   2015.
       public in trade journals, newspaper, and other
       media channels such as the internet, radio,   The dissemination of results also occurs in   • The ofice building for the Norwegian
       and TV. Around 850 publications/contributions  standardization work, both within Standard   Defence Estates Agency at Haakonsvern,
       have now been published, and more are   Norway and through other organizations such   Bergen will be completed in February 2016.
       on the way. In addition, the demonstration   as Futurebuilt, where we have provided input
       projects are proving a rich source of material   for new deinitions for (nearly) zero energy   • The ZEB Pilot House Larvik, completed in
       for the dissemination of ZEB activities, both   buildings and procedures for calculating   2014.
       through their design (e.g. in architecture   greenhouse gas emissions for buildings.
       competitions) and construction, and after   Dissemination is also taking place through   • Powerhouse Kjørbo which was completed
       completion (e.g. by site visits and nomination/  active participation in several International   in 2014.

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