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           8  Summary
          11  Organization
          13  Main activities
          15  Results

          16  How should we build a low carbon society? Hvordan bygge et lavutslipssamfunn?
          20  New construction on Campus Evenstad - The aim is to build the most climate friendly building in Norway
 ZEB IS A KEY CONTRIBUTOR TO THE NATIONAL GREEN SHIFT  Nybygg på Campus Evenstad skal bli landets beste klimabygg

          24  Powerhouse Kjørbo
          27  Zero Village Bergen
          30  Øvre Rotvoll: A net zero energy neighbourhood in Trondheim Øvre Rotvoll: et null-energi boligområde i Trondheim
          34  Visiting Researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)
             Forskeropphold ved Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)
          37  Thermal insulation performance of relective material layers in wall and loor constructions
             Varmeisolerende effekt av relekterende belegg i vegg- og gulvkonstruksjoner
          40  Aerogel and argon insulation in windows Aerogel og argonisolasjon i vinduer
          44  Necessary tools for sustainable building development Sentrale redskaper for utvikling av bærekraftige bygninger
          49  Living Lab, a liveable laboratory Living Lab, laboratoriet ein kan bu i

          53  The lock
          56  Key igures

                                  Front and Reverse Page       FME
                                  ZEB Test Cell Laboratory/ZEB Living Lab.   The scheme of the Centres for
                                  Photo: Ole Tolstad           Environment-friendly Energy
                                  Layout                       Research (FME) seeks to develop
                                  Ole Tolstad                  expertise and promote innovation
                                  Editor                       through focus on long-term research
                                                               in selected areas of environment -
                                  Ruth Woods                   friendly energy, transport and CO 2
                                  ISBN                         management in close cooperation
                                  ISBN 978-82-536-1500-4  (pdf)  between prominent research
                                  ISBN 978-82-536-1501-1  (print)  communities and users.

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