Powerhouse #1 is planned to become the first and northernmost energy-positive office building. An alliance of companies within the Norwegian construction industry has been established to reach this ambition. Partnering has been suggested as a means to improve performance in general within the construction industry. Studies reveal that the industry is yet to yield the positive effects that have occurred in other industries. Strategic alliances such as Powerhouse are an exception within Norwegian construction industry. The paper analyses the case of Powerhouse #1 regarding collaborative working and experienced effects to the energy performance of the project. The material consists of interviews with participants in workshops during concept phase of the project, in addition to written and oral presentations. Our findings indicate that Powerhouse are aiming to combine longterm and project business objectives. Industrial Energy Design methodology has resulted in an energy concept for a building with outstanding energy performance. During the process shared understanding and respect has developed between the participants. If the project is able to realize the ambition on commercial conditions it will represent a turning point regarding energy efficient construction.

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