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ByBo AS is an ambitious real estate developer that carries out all phases of building projects, from planning, to construction and sales in the Bergen area.

ByBo is a front-runner in the construction of energy-efficient buildings in Norway, and has facilitated the building of the first Norwegian passive house project, Løvåshagen Borettslag in 2007. ByBo currently has several hundred new housing units under planning and construction.

Our main objective as an industrial partner in the ZEB Center is the planning and realization of the zero emission neighborhood project “Zero Village Bergen” (ZVB), the largest pilot project in ZEB (www.zerovillage.no). The development consists of about 800 new dwellings, a kindergarten, and some commercial buildings, and is located at Ådland, near the Bergen airport. The project design has focused on several interrelated topics such as minimizing energy use, effective production of local renewable energy systems, design for solar access and noise minimization, and exchange of energy between the buildings, with the local energy central, with the grid, and with transportation (electromobility). The knowledge gained from the planning process has contributed to the general understanding of zero emission neighborhoods as something very different and much more complex than a single zero emission house. The planning of ZVB has also led to several scientific reports and press coverage about zero emissions and inspired several public funded research initiatives with local partners in Bergen such as BKK (Bergen Utility Company), Christian Michelsen Research, The Norwegian State Housing Bank, Bergen University College, UNI Research in Bergen, etc. The realization of Zero Village Bergen will be very important in the work towards a zero emission society.

Increased knowledge and a better understanding of implemented energy solutions are important drivers for ByBo in the search for innovative solutions in a traditional market.

Papers by ZEB:

1. The Norwegian zero emission neighborhood Aadland (Conference papers). Abstract: The ambition level for the zero emission neighborhood Aadland is that the area will be self-supplied with both thermal and electric energy. This paper presents how emissions from operation. Created on 28 October 2014        

2. Energikonsepter for Ådland boligområde (Reports) In ZEB, part of work package 5 "Konsepter og strategier for nullutslippsbygg". Created on 03 July 2014   

Press coverage about Zero Village Bergen:

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Illustrations by Snøhetta.

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