ZVB ZEB project report 28-2016

The Zero Village Bergen consists of a total floor area of ca. 92 000 m2, with more than 700 dwellings divided between terraced houses (68% of total floor area) and apartment blocks (25%) and some area dedicated to non-residential purposes such as offices, shops, and a kindergarten (7%). The project is currently in the planning phase and the strategy for achieving the ZEB-O goal1 is based on three steps: first, minimize energy demand through energy efficiency of the buildings; second, maximize PV generation on the buildings' footprint; and third, consider additional measures onsite and nearby (e.g. local heating system with biomass based cogeneration). At the current stage the project has reached the evaluation of step two, and the results are presented in this report, together with some useful insights for step three.

For the residential buildings, the thermal load is calculated by dynamic building energy performance simulations (using the software IDA ICE), and two types of buildings have been simulated: a terraced house and an apartment block. Both buildings have envelope properties that qualify them as passive house buildings according to the Norwegian standard. Since the significance of DHW and internal gains is higher in highly insulated buildings than in conventional ones, special attention has been given to these two types of energy use. For the internal gains, stochastic lighting and plug loads, hourly profiles are obtained from a Time of Use Data (TUD) methodology and used as input in the simulations. Hundreds of stochastic profiles have been generated and a weighted average has been calculated considering the national average household size of 2.2 persons. For DHW, data from surveys of actual hot water use have been used as input to the simulations. For the non-residential buildings, the energy demand is calculated from real measurements of similar (highly energy efficient) buildings, and adjusted for a typical climatic year.

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