The ZEB Living Laboratory at the Norwegian University of Science and Techonology: a zero emission house for engineering and social science experiments
Authors: Publication Year: 2015


At the Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings of NTNU, a new test facility (Living Laboratory) is currently in the final stage of construction and will start its operation in summer 2015. The Living Laboratory was designed to carry out experimental investigations at different levels, ranging from envelope to building equipment components, from ventilation strategies to action research on lifestyles and technologies, where interactions between users and low (zero) energy buildings are studied.
The test facility is a single family house with a gross volume of approximately 500 m3 and a heated surface (floor area) of approximately 100 m2. It is realized with state-of-the-art technologies for energy conservation measurements and renewable energy source exploitation. In this paper, the test facility is described and its architectural features and technological aspects highlighted. The focus is then placed on the detail description of the proposed measurement and control system.

Additional Info

  • WP: Climate-adapted low-energy envelope technologies, Energy supply systems and services, Energy efficient use and operation, Concepts and strategies for zero emission buildings
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Name of proceedings: Proceedings of 7PHN Sustainable Cities and Buildings
  • Name of conference: 7PHN Sustainable Cities and Buildings
  • Town: Copenhagen
  • Country: Denmark
  • Date from: torsdag, 20 august 2015
  • Date to: fredag, 21 august 2015
  • Type: Report

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